mercoledì, gennaio 23, 2008

Cuban Doctors Finish Cooperation Effort in Guinea Bissau

Havana, Jan 23.- A group of Cuban doctors working in Guinea Bissau were acknowledged for their efforts by government authorities after concluding their mission in the African country.

The ceremony was held at the Malaika Hotel, in the Guinean capital, with the presence of the country's Health Minister Eugenia Saldaña, Cuban Ambassador to Guinea Bissau Pedro Dona Santana, and representative of the World Health Organization (WHO)Daniel Kertesz.

Also present were Camilo Simoes, director of the National School of Medicine, and regional health officials.

Simoes said he was proud of the work done by Cuban health professionals and highlighted their contribution to the training of new doctors in the region whom, he noted, are vital to face the lack of health experts in the country.

Saldana pointed out the continuous support provided by Cuba to Guinea Bissau throughout its history. On behalf of the government, she thanked Cuban President Fidel Castro for supporting her country and other African nations for so many years.

The medical training program successfully implemented in eight regions of the country is an example of new educational system that is more practical, efficient and massive, she added.

The Cuban ambassador said the doctors returning to the island this Monday fulfilled their task in both the areas of education and healthcare, and that they are taking in their hearts the love and appreciation of the Guinean people. (ACN).